Recommended Links and Books on Accupressure

There are a large number of web sites and books on the subject. Some of these are listed below:


Web Sites


The Official Website for Acupressure

What are Acupressure and Shiatsu. How Do They Work?

General Acupressure Points to Stay Fit Acupressure and Reflex Points for Common Ailments

Acupressure - Pressure Points Therapy 84

Acupressure Therapy : Acupressure Points for Stress



  • Acupressure: clinical applications in musculo-skeletal conditions By John R. Cross, Dr. John R. Cross
  • The healing power of acupressure and acupuncture: by Matthew D. Bauer
  • Acupressure: how to cure common ailments the natural way by Michael Reed Gach
  • Acupressure Cure For Common Diseases by Dr. K Kenyon
  • Acupressure Facelift: How to Do It Yourself  by Deborah Hobart Crow, Deborah Hobart Crow ND
  • Acupressure Guide For Headache and Migraine Treatment (Mobi Health) By Mobile Reference