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The objective of this portal is to provide easy access to ancient and forgotten science of spirituality in which lie the answers to most common problems faced by people every day and to heal their common ailments caused either by disease or distress.

Spiritualhealingportal.com provides a wealth of information and problem solving techniques through several spiritual healing vehicles like Astrology, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Crystals, Magnetotherapy, FengShui, Reiki, and Yoga.Our expert and experienced team of researchers are constantly digging up ways and means to address diseases with various methods of spiritual healing. Over time, we aim to post solutions to heal all kinds of causal, physical, emotional and psychological ailments.

In addition to providing the resources to heal you, we also have created a network of Spiritual Healers across the globe and call it Spiritual Healing Network or SHN for short. These healers are masters in various disciplines and they are adept at Channelizing Universal energies to help you in the process of healing.

Further in an endeavor to provide you direct access, we have compiled a list of spiritual healing centers throughout US and other countries as well.

Our Spiritual news and events section provides daily news and events updates related to spiritual healing. We have a section for Spiritual Discussions where everyone can take part to share their spiritual experiences.

Lastly, we have culminated our research into various recommendation of Books, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, Audio and eBooks in “Our Store”, wherein all the purchases are routed through Amazon’s e-commerce to provide secure and private transactions.

You can support this magnificent cause by referring us to your friends and loved ones or by purchasing any of the items listed in “Our Store”.

Have a blessed day and wonderful life!!!!