Types of Acupressure

Acupressure is an art and science of touching and pressing certain areas of the body to give relief from different ailments. It helps in giving pain relief and also promotes self healing. When certain points are pressed they stimulate self-healing system of the body.


ShiatsuThis type of therapy was developed in Japan. Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’. In this type of acupressure therapy, pressure is applied along the middle line of the body. It also includes back and abdomen. The main attention of this type of acupressure is to balance the life force energy. Both hands are used by the therapist to diagnose the problem and provide the treatment to realign the disharmony. They touch on those points, which are connected to the nervous system of that affected part. It needs many years of schooling to become Shiatsu therapist.

Su Jok
The meaning of Su Jok is ‘hand foot’. It was originated in the South Korea. The basic of su jok is very easy and it can be learned in few minutes. In this type, treatment is done on hands. The basic theory behind this is corresponding points of all the organs and they all are there on hands. So, putting pressure on these points on arms can help in alleviating pain. In this type, beads, grains or seeds, balls and elastic bands are used to stimulate the pressure points.


Jin Shin
Jin Shin JyutsuJin Shin acupressure can be divided into two parts. The first one is Jin Shin Jyutsu. In this type, light touch is given by the palm to let the life force energy flow. The second one is Jin Shin Do. It is a new type of acupressure that includes Chinese, Japanese and Taoist methods. It was created by lona Teeguarden in the year 1970. It uses firm but gentle pressure and incorporates breathing and visualization at the time of session.


This type of acupressure was generated in India and China. This technique incorporates whole body at the time of session. Main pressure is given on the pressure points that are located on the feet. The basic theory behind this is that all the corresponding points of the internal organs or body parts are located on the feet.