March 2012 Newsletter (1st Fortnight)

Munshi Says.........

A welcome note

Our endeavor, at Spiritual Healing Portal, has been to enlighten the seekers about various disciplines of Alternative Therapy to cure, or at least alleviate, the pain and sufferings caused by a large number of ailments. These therapies are not new to mankind. These Therapies flourished in the ancient civilizations of India, China, Grease and Egypt as early as 4000 BC, but went into oblivion during the Dark Ages of ignorance and skepticism of Europe and the west world (6th to 13th century). During renaissance (14th to 17th century) when Europe struggled to emerge from the darkness of ignorance into the sunshine of knowledge, it began to evaluate these therapies. Since the stress was on documented scientific evidence of efficacy of any therapy and skepticism for anything oriental, these were, once again, discarded as faith healing. While a dedicated few were quietly applying these therapies and documenting the results to give these a sound foundation and respectability in the society, there were some others who made wild claims and employed theatrics to impress people and make a fast buck, discrediting these therapies in the bargain.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of a large number of practitioners and students, this rollercoaster ride, over the ages, of the Alternative therapies seems to be coming to an end. Today an increasing number of people across the Globe recognize these as simple, non-invasive and easy to use methods of therapy. People are continually experimenting and evolving these ancient therapies. This is one of the reasons that we thought of incorporating a News letter to keep you abreast with the latest happenings in these fields. But before we embark on this journey, it may be a good idea to revisit the complete ambit of alternative therapies. To my mind, the best way of doing so would be by answering the questions skeptics usually ask.

1. What has spirituality got to do with Alternative Therapies?

Each discipline of Alternate therapy is like a pearl in a necklace, beautiful and complete in itself, but each bound to the other pearls by a string. This string is spirituality and the therapies are collectively called spiritual therapies.

2. What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a process of self-discovery, our true self and of learning who we are so that we can consciously decide who we want to be. It is not connected to any particular religion. In fact it may have no affiliation to religion at all.

3. What does Self discovery mean and why is it needed?

At birth we are a pure soul without any external influence. (Those, who believe in the immortality of the soul and in its reincarnation, believe that even a child in the womb carries the burden of influences of its previous life). That belief notwithstanding, as we grow we begin to get influenced by factors beyond our control, like expectations of our parents, peer pressure, the work pressure, expectations of the society, expectations of the spouse and the kids. We, like film stars, make effort to play different roles to be worthy of love, respect and acceptance of all those around us. We put on thick layers of invisible make up to perform each role. Unfortunately, we are so preoccupied with satisfying others that we have no time for ourselves. Our true self is lost, buried deep into the thick layers of pretences and pressures of the modern day life. This leads to lifestyle diseases like Stress, hypertension, diabetes, depression etc. Spirituality helps us to remove these thick layers of makeup, as it were, and discover our inner true self. Meditation helps us concentrate on this form of ours so that we can foster this true self (Called ATMAN by the Hindus).

Various disciplines of Spiritual healing are the additional aids available to us to cure the diseases acquired by us due to our life-style and the pressures we undergo. But the efficacy of these will depend mainly on to what extend we have been able to recognize and nurture our true self.

As I said earlier, this News Letter aims at bringing to you the latest and interesting information about the alternative therapy. We will also provide links to some sites on the subject which may be of interest to you.

I would solicit your comments and feedback to make the magazine more useful to all.

Wishing you a good health and cheerful month ahead.