Cancer is a life threatening disease which can occur at any race, age or sex. Though it is life threatening but it can be cured with the help of many alternative healing techniques. Cancers are of many types like abdominal cancer¬ł breast cancer, cervical cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer etc.


Practicing Yoga gives great relief for cancer patient. Many yoga styles are practiced to cure cancer problem. Among them, yoga therapy, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for healing, and yoga for beginners are specifically designed for cancer patient. But while practicing yoga, you should remember to take care of your postures. Follow the sequences set by Yoga Master. Do not over exert during your practice and take care of your pain.


Reiki is a prolonged process as it hits the core of the spiritual body and clears the aura of the person. As a result, it takes a long time to cure and one cannot estimate the timelines. There are many cases of Reiki curing cancer patients in their early stages.

Feng Shui

The first thing you can do in Feng Shui to give relief to the cancer patient is clutter cleaning. Keep your bed in a lucky direction. Put your photos and art pieces in auspicious direction.


People suffering from cancer can get best result with the help of meditation. Usually, "meditation without thought" or "emptiness meditation" will be helpful for cancer patient. In this session, patients practice imageless meditation.


Certain crystals help to reduce stress related to cancer. To name a few:

· Smokey quartz

· Rose quartz

· Clear quartz

· Amethyst

· Kyanite


Aromatherapy massage is good for over all well-being for cancer patient. It gives relief to the patient’s health. Niaouli essential oil along with the radiation therapy is good for cancer patient.


Regular treatment of Shiatsu can give relief to cancer patient. Acupressure helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, improve energy levels, and reduce other symptoms of cancer or after effects of its treatments. Treating nausea after chemotherapy is possible with the help of acupressure.

Cancer Types

Major Acu-points

Abdominal cancer

pi-gen, shui-fen, tian-shu, zhang-men, shui-dao, zu-san-li, shang-wan, qi-hai

Breast cancer

jian-zhen, ying-chuang, shang-wan, xin-shu, ge-shu, san-yin-jiao , tan-zhong, jian-jing, pi-shu, ru-gen, da-zhui

Cervical cancer

da-ju, shen-shu, bai-liao, san-yin-jiao, zhong-ji, gui-lai, qi-hai, shui-dao

Colorectal cancer

da-chang-shu, tian-shu, zhong-wan, qu-chi, guan-yuan, pi-shu, da-heng, xia-wan, shang-ju-xu, shang-wan, cheng-shan, qi-hai, wei-shu, ri-yue

Esophagus cancer

shang-wan, he-gu, nei-guan, jue-yin-shu, pi-shu, , ju-que, zu-san-li, zhong-wan, ge-shu, tian-ding

Liver Cancer

gong-sun, yang-ling-quan, nei-guan, gan-shu, xing-jian

Lung cancer

tan-zhong, tai-yuan, tian-zong, xin-shu, chi-ze, zhong-fu, gao-huang, fei-shu, feng-men

Nasopharyngeal cancer

xia-guan, zan-zhu, bai-hui, ting-gong, shang-xing, feng-chi, he-gu

Skin cancer

wei-zhong, pi-shu, yang-ling-quan, feng-long, tai-yuan, yin-ling-quan, fei-shu, zu-san-li, da-du, jie-xi

Stomach cancer

zhong-wan, tian-shu, zu-san-li, shang-wan, nei-guan, ju-que, qi-hai, ri-yue,


Different combinations of planets can give cancer disease to the patient:

· Any house ruled by Rahu and Saturn may cause cancer to that part of body which is represented by that house. For example, if someone’s 2nd house is ruled by Saturn and Rahu then the person may get affected by throat cancer

· Lord of any house if posited in 6th/8th/12th house and aspect by Saturn and Rahu may badly afflict that part of body represented by that house. For examples, if 4th lord is located in 8th house, and aspect by Saturn and Rahu, indicate serious problem like cancer in the chest region.