Heart Disease

Heart problem does not see any age or sex. It can affect our life anytime. But we have better option to prevent and cure heart related diseases. Let’s discuss how heart disease can be treated with the help of natural healing process.


There are different poses in Yoga which can treat heart disease, like:

· Warrior Pose

· Tree Pose

· Triangle Pose

· Lotus Pose

· Mountain Pose

Kapalabhati Pranayam also gives great result in curing heart disease.


Reiki has an immense effect on our life as it helps to reduce anxiety, stress and any kind of anger from our lives. Moreover, Reiki helps to reduce problem related to relationship and work. Thus, reduction in stress is highly done by Reiki Treatment. So, heart disease can be prevented and cured with the help of Reiki. Researchers have shown that Gendai Reiki gives good result in treating heart disease.

Feng Shui

For a heart patient, it is mandatory to get fresh air and light. Thus, according to Feng Shui, keep windows open and let the fresh air and sun light enlighten your day. Keep all your old stuffs out of the house. Keep your home free from clutter. Give good space for plants as plants bring positive energy in the house


As heart patients always require peaceful mind, thus, meditation is highly beneficial for them more than medication. Transcendental Meditation is found to be the most effective forms of meditation. Meditation shows good result in lowering blood pressure and reduction in psychological stress. Mindfulness meditation is also found to be beneficial in lowering anxiety, depression and general distress.


Crystals giving good result for heart disease and circulatory system are:

· Aquamarine

· Carnelian

· Emerald

· Jade

· Malachite


According to Aromatherapy, massage with essential oils like peppermint, rose, lavender, and marjoram make the heart stronger.

Essential oils that helps in better circulation are:

· basil

· geranium

· lavender

· neroli

· pine

· thyme

· vetiver

Essential oils that are applied for clogged and hardened arteries are:

· Juniper

· Rosemary

Few essential oils are applied for curing heart failure or heart palpitations, like:

· Ylang-ylang

· Lavender

· Rosemary

· Neroli

· Peppermint

· Camphor

· Melissa

Essential oils like elemi and frankincense are good for controlling stress.

These essential oils can be used as perfume, or as massage oil along with base oil, or as an inhaler, or in bath water.


Acupressure gives good result in heart problem. Below mentioned acu-points are good for our cardiovascular health:

· Heart3 (Ht3)

· Heart7(Ht7)

· Liver3(Li3)

· Liver4(Li4)

· Pericardium6 (Pc6)

Though it is to mention that acupressure does not treat heart attack. If there is a suspect for heart attack, seek immediate medical help.


There are different planets, house, and zodiac signs representing and ruling heart health and they are:


4th house represents heart

Zodiac Sign

· Sagittarius: ruling arterial system

· Leo: ruling heart


· Sun: representing heart and blood circulation

· Mercury: nervous system related to heart

· Moon: governing fluids in body like blood

· Jupiter: denoting arterial system, blood and body- fat

· Mars: representing blood, and circulatory system of body

· Ketu: Dragon tail representing low blood pressure and blood clots

· Rahu: Dragon head representing high blood pressure and chronic diseases