Hemorrhoid is nothing but the painful swelling in the rectal area. It is caused due to the chronic state of diarrhea and constipation. But hemorrhoid can also be treated with the help of alternative healing technique.


Yoga asanas that are helpful in curing hemorrhoids are:

ยท Surya Namaskara

ยท Shirsha Asana

ยท Pavanamukta Asana

ยท Tada Asana

ยท Matsya Asana

ยท Sarvanga Asana

ยท Mulabandha

ยท Padahasta Asana

ยท Nadi shodhan and Bhastrika

Pranayama, yoga nidra, and concentration are few techniques which can help to get rid of hemorrhoid problem.


Reiki gives solution for whole body treatment. Thus, if anyone is suffering from Hemorrhoids, then he/she can be treated with the help of Reiki treatment also.

Feng Shui

Some remedy for hemorrhoid can be done with the help of home treatment. For example, to treat external hemorrhoids, one has to soak himself/herself in a hot irrigate inside a tub for at least 20 minutes. Be careful about the temperature as it has to be hot not scorching. This bath should be taken for few days.


Soak your body into the soothing water in a bath tub. Close your eyes and start breathing in deeply. Try to imagine that water is soaking and soothing your hemorrhoids slowly. And exhale deeply to move away pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids slowly.


If combination of Hematite, Garnets and Rose Quartz is used then hemorrhoid can be treated.

Hematite helps to open blockage of veins and capillaries and keeps up the blood circulation properly to those areas where blood does not go.

Garnet removes the impurities from the blood, normalizes disturbed blood circulation and increases the absorption of nutrients to the bloodstream.

Rose Quartz helps to remove impurities from the bloodstream, and makes the physical heart muscle stronger.


To cure hemorrhoid, sweet almond oil and apricot oil work wonder as a carrier oil. While mixture of 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 drop of geranium oil along with an ounce of carrier oil applied on the affected area work well for hemorrhoids.


In acupressure, practitioner needs to press gently between the tail bone and anus. He/she has to press towards the tailbone so that anus should feel the sensation of soreness and distention. And then slowly he/she needs to release it and repeat this thing for two minutes.

With the help of index and middle fingers, practitioner needs to press the points inside the forearm which is just located four thumb widths up from the crease of the wrist for the duration of 1 minute.


Red coral is found to be one solution in astrology to get rid of hemorrhoid problem. Red Coral is ruled by the planet Mars.