Migraine is the annoying problem for anyone as headache related to migraine is almost life-ruining. If someone is looking for permanent solution for Migraine problem then taking alternative healing session would be the best way.


Yoga asanas treating migraine are:

ยท Noukasana or Boat Pose

ยท ArdhaMatsyendrasana or Spinal Twist Pose

ยท Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

ยท Shirshasana or Head Stand

ยท Vrikshasana or Tree Pose

ยท Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand

Apart from those poses, practicing Kapalabhati and Shitali pranayama (without kumbhaka) are good for curing migraine problem.


Reiki helps to give you relaxation and when mind is stress free it automatically works for migraine cure. Reiki helps to open brow chakra (Ajna) which enables to cure any kind of headache.

Feng Shui

Since Brown chakra is related to headache, thus, Indigo is the best color to apply for curing migraine related headache.


One of the most effective forms of meditation in healing migraine problem is Vipasana or mindfulness meditation.


Crystals curing migraine problem are:

ยท Amber

ยท Amethyst

ยท Lapis Lazuli

ยท Rhodochrosite

ยท Rose Quartz

ยท Sugilite

ยท Turquoise


To get rid of Migraine problem, there are essential oils:

ยท Lavender

ยท Eucalyptus

ยท Peppermint

ยท Jasmine

ยท Bay

ยท Rosemary

ยท Melissa

There are carrier oils that are effective in curing migraine problem:

ยท Avocado

ยท Apricot Kernel

ยท Coconut

ยท Sweet Almond

ยท Sesame


To treat migraine, practitioner can follow below mentioned steps in acupressure:

Practitioner can draw an imaginary line between both ears and press this point to treat this problem.

For migraine cure, GB20 is said to be the vital point.

To relieve general headache, practitioner can press below mentioned points:

ยท GV 24

ยท GV 20

ยท GV 19

ยท GV 16

ยท UB 7

ยท UB 4

ยท UB 10

ยท GB 21

ยท UB 13

ยท LI 4

ยท LI 11


Planet and Zodiac related to migraine problem are:

ยท Planet is Venus

ยท Taurus and Libra are the zodiac sign.

ยท Herb effective in curing problem of migraine in Venus people is feverfew.