Skin Problems

We often face many kinds of skin problems in our life time. For example, eczema, acne, psoriasis, hot flashes, rashes etc. We wonder how to get rid of them and how to uproot them. Here some good tips to get rid of your skin related diseases with the help of spiritual healing method.


Yoga poses or asanas that give best result in treating different skin problems are:

ยท Lion Pose

ยท Modified Head Stand

ยท Sun Salutation

ยท Posterior Stretch

ยท Shoulder Stand


Root Chakra is found to be responsible for skin problem. Treating this chakra with the help of Reiki, gives good result in skin related diseases.

Feng Shui

Red color is associated with root chakra and since root chakra is related to skin problem, thus, applying this color will help to treat this problem.


Healing meditation is found to be effective in curing skin related problem like Psoriasis.


Crystals that are good for treating skin problem are:

ยท Garnet

ยท Ruby

ยท Agate

ยท Onyx

ยท Hematite

ยท Red Jasper

ยท Black Tourmaline

ยท Smoky Quartz

ยท Bloodstone

ยท Red Coral


Essential oils that are helpful in treating skin problems are :

ยท Patchouli

ยท Cedarwood

ยท Sandalwood


Gall Bladder 34 (GB34), which is located on the lateral portion of the leg, is found to be the point associated with skin related problem.


Planets related to skin problem are:

ยท Mars

ยท Pluto

ยท Saturn

Zodiac Signs related to skin disease are:

ยท Aries

ยท Taurus

ยท Scorpio

ยท Capricorn