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Spirituality and Meditation


When I was young, I heard a story about a person who had to struggle to make both ends meet. Every evening when he returned home, he would leave an empty haversack outside his house under a bush before he went into the house. And every morning he would pick up the same empty haversack and go to work. A curious neighbour once asked him why did he not carry his haversack into the house but left it under a bush where it could easily be stolen. The gentleman replied with a smile, “This is not an empty haversack. It is full of the pressures, stresses and problems I face daily at my work place. I leave it outside my house so that these do not affect me when I am at home with my family. I pick the baggage up next morning to be ready for the day’s rat race”. I wish all of us had attained the level of mental strength, shown by  the said gentleman, that we could turn the influences of stress ‘Off’ and ‘On’ at will. Since that is not to be, all of us find our own ways to alleviate the stress and pressures of our daily life. Some take to drinking, some use sedatives/ tranquilisers, and some extreme cases even turn to drugs. In all these approaches, I believe that the cure is more harmful than the ailment itself. Is there some other way of fighting the stress etc? Yes there is. It is called Meditation. 


Meditation is a technique of spiritual healing which helps an individual to shed the pressures of the modern lifestyle and be at peace with oneself, hence helps one in self realisation. It is a mild tranquiliser that relaxes a practitioner’s mind body and soul, without the side effects of the conventional allopathic sedatives and the ill effects of drugs. Meditation, like spirituality, transcends the boundaries of religion, race, country, culture and region.  


The question skeptics ask is, “If meditation is really so effective, free of cost and simple to practice, why it that not very many people practice it?”  There could be umpteen number of reasons, but some that might discourage even the well informed and well initiated person can be that, practitioners tend to  focus more on rigid rituals like the posture, time of meditation, the props rather than the objectives and the essence of meditation.


Let us always remember two things. First of all, Spirituality is the quest for rediscovering ourselves by pulling our inner selves out of the quagmire of the Rat Race of our work and social environment to calm our nerves. This will lead to a stress free and healthy life. Secondly, meditation is one of the means of achieving this state.


I, therefore, suggest that let us not get bogged down in the procedural tangles. Some of the points that will make meditation easy and a pleasure to perform are as follows:


Posture:  choose a sitting position you are comfortable with. It can be on the floor, on soft mattresses, a pillow or even a chair. The posture should be comfortable enough to let you concentrate on your inner self. Having said this, let me hasten to add that in case you have an urge to change your position /posture during the meditation session, feel free to do so. Remember, your objective is to get rid of all the stresses you may have and not to add to it the stress of an uncomfortable posture.


You may fold your legs in a complicated lotus position or tuck these under your buttocks or let these dangle loosely while sitting in a chair, just make yourself comfortable. Similarly, place your hands in a position that is comfortable for you.


You may close your eyes and concentrate on an imaginary light point at the position of your third eye. You may have a burning candle actually in front of you, as a prop, to focus on. I would not recommend any picture or photograph as, I strongly feel, it would cause distraction.


Time:  Choose any time of day or night that is convenient to you. The only discipline, I would request you to maintain is that meditation be practiced daily at the same time because our body responds better if we do an activity as a routine. It gets into some kind of a rhythm.


So far as the duration of a meditation session is concerned, I recommend a session of, at least, twenty minutes to start with because, initially, getting one’s mind unclogged is a very slow and ,may be, a heart-rending process. In due course, one can reduce or increase the period to suit one’s comfort level.


URL of a clip on meditation that is closest to my heart is

It may be recalled that spirituality is a process of self-discovery, that is, discovering our true self and of learning who we are so that we can consciously decide who we want to be. This is achieved through meditation. Daily practice of meditation transforms the practitioner into calm, peaceful and healthy being who does not get affected by the stresses of today’s lifestyle. It also improves our power of concentration. Once we are free of stresses and whole heartedly concentrate on our dreams , the powers of the universe converge to let these dreams come true. This is known as the law of attraction.


 I have been surfing the and am fascinated by the number of video clippings on the Law of attraction. I have personally liked the documentary titled ‘The Secret’. I have seen the film as well as read the book. Without meaning to offend the authors, I dare say the film is more impressive.


Someone has rightly said, “In a rat race, even if you win, you are still a rat”. So meditate to get rid of the rat race mentality and enjoy a stress 

Free life.


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Thought of the Day


Performing a Spiritual Audit at the End of the Day (Continued from last week........)


Last week we had explained how self evaluation at the end of the day is extremely vital to one's progress and development. A useful exercise in this regard is keeping a daily chart for about 3 personality traits or points and filling it up every night (lesser than 3 is also fine, but not more , because then you might feel lazy in keeping the chart after a few days and also you might lose focus and the personality traits may not transform as much as you want). You could either evaluate yourself with a yes or no or perform a percentage wise evaluation like 50% or 90% for e.g. We have mentioned below, some of the common traits from which you could select the traits to keep a daily chart for. You could incorporate some other specific traits (not mentioned in this list), which you want to change or develop, depending on your personality:

In the entire day, today; not only in my words and actions, but also in my thoughts:
Did I see everyone's specialties and keep good wishes for each one, in spite of obvious weaknesses being visible?

* Did I remain free from all forms of anger, like irritation, frustration, grudge, revenge, etc.?

* Did I ensure that I neither give nor take sorrow, hurt, pain from anyone?

* Did I remain free from waste and negative?

* Did I remain ego less?

* Did I remain untouched by name, fame, praise, insult?

* Did I remain stable?

* Did I remain free from judgments, criticism, jealousy, comparison, hatred, etc.?

* Did I keep a conscious of serving each one whom I met?

* Did I bring the 8 main powers into practice and experience being powerful?

* Did I remain in self-respect and give respect to everyone?

* Did I practice being soul-conscious in actions and interactions?

* Did I take a one minute break every hour to reflect, meditate and control the traffic of thoughts in the mind?


Message for the Week

To be free is to be free even from the bondage of things.

Expression: The one who is dependent on the presence of a particular thing to succeed in a task is also under the bondage of that thing. Such a person will not be able to put in effort to his full capability since he is always thinking of what is lacking. On the other hand the one who tries to find a way to do the task at hand even when there is nothing available is the one who finds new resources. He is then able to use these resources too for accomplishing the task.

Experience: When I am thinking more about what is to be done rather than thinking about what is lacking, I am able to be content with what I have. I am able to appreciate every small thing that is present in my life that I could use for my own benefit and that of others. I am able to work for what I want to achieve without being caught up only with the desires.


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The voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust