Feng Shui and Healing

Do not expect any miracle overnight. The effect of Fengshui differs from person to person. Do not apply too many Feng Shui symbols at one time.

There are many symbols of Feng Shui like aquariums are to attract prosperity. Other things are crystals, colors, fountains and use of Feng Shui clock are the symbols which will help to bring positive energy to you and to your home.

There are few things that we can do with Fengshui. We all know that Fengshui has a common outlook about getting place clean and getting rid of clutter. Primarily, we have a notion about Feng Shui is that it is all about moving or relocating our furniture. But Fengshui is more than shifting furniture. In Fengshui, we even have to change the position of walls, doors and windows so that we can get all positive effects of Fengshui. We use many other things like live plants, wind chimes, mirrors and even crystals to sustain ongoing positivity in our house.

Health effect of Feng Shui

Door: Misaligned doors can fetch bad health like depression, dizziness, nausea. In order to restore “Qi” or ‘Chi’ energy in the house, place crystals or wind chimes or apply elemental colors in between the two misaligned doors.

Three or more than three doors completely or partially aligned in a hallway can bring health problems like heart problem, liver disease, gallbladder or spleen problems. It can create conflict in the house. Hanging two crystal balls or wind chimes can solve this particular problem. One should be placed in line with the center line of the door; while other should be placed in the middle of the corridor, just in between two doors.

Lights: Lights have positive and negative effect on our health. Avoid using spotlight according to Fengshui. Instead, use light lamp-shade and place crystals in the window in order to get proper reflection of the lights inside the room.

Kitchen: Kitchen is the place where health effect is optimal. As we cook and serve through kitchen and food has direct effect on our overall wellness.

Kitchen Color:
Kitchen color should bring inner peace and calmness. It should stimulate the digestion in our Intestinal Tract. It is not necessary to choose bright color to stimulate the digestion. Different shades of Yellow, Blue or Green are good as a positive Kitchen color.

Kitchen Layout:

  • Your back should not face the front door of the kitchen while cooking. As Qi energy will enter, it will directly attack you from the back. But in any room, you should face ‘Qi’ energy from your front.
  • Your kitchen should not face toilet as ‘Qi’ energy is flushed out in the toilet. If you can see commode from your kitchen, you should take certain preventive measures, like:
  • Place a small dish or shot glass on the pot and fill it with raw rice. Rice is grown in the paddy field, which makes it semi-aquatic in nature. Thus, symbolically it deflects ‘Qi’away from the toilet pot and makes it flow towards the ceiling and the wall.
Using copper cookware is the inviter of ‘Qi’ energy, because using aluminum and steel can bring bad effect on our nervous system. Copper cookware negates the toxicity of aluminum and acts as the magnet for the ‘Qi’ energy. Many people prefer to use glass cookware. Though it negates toxicity effects but it is not recommended cookware as per Feng Shui.

Toilet: Keep the bathroom closed all the time. And also keep the drain of the sink closed while not in use. Closed door will not allow ‘Qi’ energy to enter into it and closed drain will not permit ‘Qi’ energy to run away from the house.

Bedroom: Keep your bed sheets and pillows clean. Try to change them on regular basis. Do not keep electronic gadgets and mirror inside the bedroom. As bedroom is the resting place and if this place is not clean and clutter-free then it can directly affect our health. Because ‘Qi ‘ energy does not enter where there is clutter as clutter creates confusion and hinders the easy flow of positive energy. You can keep some plants in your bedroom in order to make this place refreshed.

Living room: Living room is the welcoming place for guest as well as for host of the house. After a tiring day, when we enter our house, we should get one relaxing welcome from the living room. Thus, balancing Yin and Yang energy is very important. Thus, keeping a proper synchronization between masculine and feminine energy is the key to decorate any living room. So, when we will place any sturdy furniture we should not forget to add some fresh flowers on the center table and soft cushions on the couch. As well as we should not forget the importance of proper illumination of the living room. To welcome more positive energy inside the house, your living room should be free of clutter and wall of living room should be the place of positive paintings and wall hangings. If you think, your living room’s wall look dull, then placing a mirror can be the best option. You need to decorate your living room keeping the cleanliness and positivity in mind.

Feng Shui Objects for Health

There are many objects in Fengshui, which have direct effect on our health and wellness:

Crystals in Feng Shui

When we talk about crystals in Fengshui, one of the most powerful energy activator crystals is quartz. Its energy is amplified by the person’s feeling and his thought. If you place this crystal at the corner of the room, the universal life force will flow in the room freely. You can also use it in the business or your home office.

Lead Crystal Sphere

Lead crystal sphereFlow of Qi energy is regulated by the Lead Crystal Sphere inside the house and, thus, it affects the health of the occupants of the house.
Essential Oils in Feng Shui
Essential Oils in Feng ShuiSometimes essential oils are used to purify the environment of the room. Mix essential oil in the room and spray in your room in order to make it purified. Essential oil gives a healing effect on our overall wellness.
Longevity Immortal
Zade Longevity ImmortalThe most famous immortal is Sau, which is the symbol of Longevity. A long life symbol here is a bald high cranium, a peach in his hand and a peach wood staff. Peach is the symbol of good health and immortality.
Metals Balls
Metal BallsTo boost our health, energy balls are highly effective. Energy balls are nothing but two metal balls, which have high and low sound plates inside it. They strengthen our body and are helpful in curing many diseases.
Special Pebble
Special PebblesThis particular pebble is special because it has special healing properties. When it is put inside the container of spring water, it transforms the water into the healing object.


AmethystThis particular stone has a huge spiritual energy, which has its effect on the spiritual side of any person. It acts as the supportive object of meditation. It is helpful in improving the immune system. It is good to boost our psychic skill and intuition.


Feng Shui Instrument
You cannot apply instrument of Feng Shui at any place as there is place set for every instrument. Every instrument has meaning and positive and negative energy. So, place it after having proper knowledge of it. After placing the instrument at the right place, you yourself can see the changes. It has very powerful results and, thus, these are used at homes and in business places.

Clutter Cleaning in Feng Shui 

If you want to treat yourself with Feng Shui then get started with your home cleaning. This clutter makes you confused. It is said that if there is a clutter, positive energy gets blocked immediately at that place. Just throw all the unwanted material from your house so that universal life force can get some place to pass through easily. By applying little bit of Feng shui, you will see the positive change in yourself.

If you are applying the best Feng Shui cures, then there should be solid foundation. This solid foundation is your healthy and clean house. Feng Shui needs few things like good quality of air, sufficient amount of light and the most important of them are clutter free space. If Feng Shui is getting all its basic needs then no one can stop you from getting better health and wealth.

Feng Shui Fountain

Fengshui FountainFountain is the symbol of free flow of energy. It is said that water flow activates the stagnancy of ‘Qi’ energy. Thus, it is recommended to place where energy is stagnant. It is usually placed at east, north and south east corners or directions. Fountains are found in different shapes and sizes, but shape and size do not matter in this case. Only the placement of the fountain is very important. If the fountain is located at the entrance door, then flow of water should be towards interior. Fountains are made from different materials but it is recommended to use copper fountain, as cement, stone, and ceramic fountains block the positive energy. In order to restore ‘Qi’ energy, metal elements like coins, metal tables are added. Fountains should not be too hushed or loud. It should have a proper water level in order to get the proper sound.
Keep your fountain tidy. As water evaporates from the fountain, you need to maintain proper water level of the fountain on regular interval. A well-maintained fountain brings good flow of money and positive energy inside the house.

Lucky Bamboo in Feng Shui
This Fengshui plant is Lucky as it brings luck and prosperity to our life. The scientific name of this plant is Dracaena. This plant does not require any maintenance. It does not require sunlight to survive. You need to water the plant once in a week. It is recommended to place this plant where we keep money. Otherwise, we can keep this plant according to the Bagua chart. Apart from bringing money and good fortune, it also helps in the flow of positive energy. It is good in appearance and usually found in jade color. Lucky Bamboo is important as it is made of five elements of Fengshui:


Part of the plant

Wood The plant itself
Earth The rocks on which plant grows
Water The water with which plant grows

Most pots are usually tied with a red ribbon


The glass pots where plant is placed ( if the plant is placed within the glass or ceramic pot then keeping metal coins within it would be suggested)

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
While to place Lucky Bamboo in your house, you should know about the numbers of stalk of the plant. Because different numbers of stalk has different meaning:


Number of Stalks

Love & Marriage






Wealth and Abundance


Good Fortune and Happiness



Feng Shui Dragon
Fengshui DragonIn Feng Shui, ‘Qi’ energy is known to be the cosmic breathe of the dragon. Dragon symbolizes activity and power. Thus, placing dragon inside the bedroom is not suggested as it is the place for resting and relaxing. Dragon is number nine and according to Chinese, number nine is related to good luck. Dragon also symbolizes fertility, immortality and protection.
Dragons symbolize the masculine energy, “Yang” and it is associated with the creativity and activity. According to ancient Chinese, Dragon has the power to control the climatic changes like wind, rain or clouds. Thus, this symbol of Feng Shui is good for them who are engaged in agricultural business.

Feng Shui Mirror

Fengshui MirrorPurpose of any mirror is to reflect anything back. According to Feng Shui, mirror is placed in any place in order to reflect any negative energy back and nullify the effect of it. Placement of mirror is very important:
  • Any good fortune symbol or auspicious things should be reflected.
  • Water bodies like rivers, lakes, oceans should be reflected as it will bring good fortune and prosperity
  • Putting mirror at the end of the hallway is good as it will help you to avoid “dead end”


  • It should not be placed in front of the bed as it can bring third party engagement in the life of the married couple.
  • Avoid using mirror in the stairway, as it can hinder ‘Qi’ energy.
  • Work station should not be reflected with the mirror as it can accelerate the workload.

Feng Shui Turtle
Fengshui FountainFeng Shui has different celestial animals or guardians to provide different effects in our life, like the White Tiger (West), Green Dragon (East), the Red Phoenix (South), and the Black Turtle (North). The main purpose of placing Feng Shui turtle in our house is for protection and enhancement of energy. But buying turtle should be one hectic task for you. For this, you need to understand the problem for which you need to buy turtle. There are many turtles available in the market but choosing the Feng Shui turtle suiting best for you would be your judgment. You can purchase turtle with metal coins. You can place black metal turtle towards the north direction in order to prosper in career and business. If you want to strengthen Bagua or energy map, then placing stone turtle towards west facing main door would be the best for you.