Schools of Feng Shui

We can find the mention of different schools of Feng Shui in different ages and it has different understanding in different places. Whatever is being practiced by Western culture in current age is not the classical or traditional Feng Shui. Classical Feng Shui is completely based on I Ching, five element theory and Yin Yang theory. Classical Theory of Feng Shui is completely based on different mathematical formulae.

Though each school of Feng Shui is dependent on the universal theories of Feng Shui, but we find two most popular and oldest schools of traditional Feng Shui :

1. Form School

2. The Compass School

Form School

Form SchoolIt is the oldest school of Feng Shui. It is majorly based on the shapes and sizes of land, roadways and waterways. It suggests about the form of land where you should build your house or office. The orientation of burial ground and also the place where you would be living is the main part of the Form School.


The Compass School

This school is further divided into two schools of Feng Shui:
1. Eight Mansions or East-West School

2. Flying Stars

Eight Mansions or East-West School: It is based on eight directions of the compass. According to this theory, we all have four good directions and four bad directions, as does any building. As per this theory, we all either belong to West group or East group depending on our birth year. Similarly, any building has this kind of group categorization as per its sitting direction. If we can sort out our best possible directions for sleeping, studying, working, eating etc then we can prosper and progress more in our life. This is the school to make you understand about the level of compatibility and comfort with the other as well as with the building. This school is not affected by any time factor.
Compass School 
East-West School
 Flying Stars: This school is completely based on the Eight Trigrams of the I Ching. And it also uses lo shu magic square, which you can apply to divide your building or room into nine sectors. Each trigram is connected with various parts of the body, any color, any specific shape, compass direction, any season of the year, and any particular Fengshui element. This school is totally based on Chinese numerology and astrology, five element theory, and yin yang theory. A special compass, popular as a lou pan, is used to calculate the direction of the building. Thus, it is mainly based on the scientific formulae in order to gauge the energy of our surroundings.
Flying Star
Flying Star

It is affected by the time factor. Thus, both date of birth of the person and building foundation date are very important.

According to this school, we all are surrounded by energies and these energies are changing constantly. And these energies are getting operated by specific time cycle. To understand this form of school, extensive study and understanding of each formula is very much required.

Life Aspiration School
This is another type of school in Fengshui and is very simplified. It is based on the Bagua or energy map, which is divided into eight directions. As we all have four best directions and four worst directions, we can bring positive changes in our life if we can understand our best sleeping, studying, working and other directions. According to this school, each direction is related with life aspiration. These aspirations are fame, wealth, career, knowledge, marriage, family, children, health and benefactors. Each aspiration has different color and element. Different directions have different cures and if cure is placed in a proper direction, it can change the luck related to the aspiration of each direction.
Life Aspiration
Life Aspiration School

Black Sect Feng Shui: This type of Feng Shui is originated from Tibetan Buddhist Tantric. It is further taught by Professor Lin Yun of Berkeley, California. He brought this knowledge from Taiwan in 1986.

This approach incorporates Form School, Five element theories, the I Ching, Yin Yang theory, interior design, color therapy, psychology, intuition and common sense. It is mainly taught as the Spiritual practice but to practice this you do not need to be Buddhist. It is more about working with Spirit or God and keeping our mind constructive and positive in order to understand visible and invisible Chi. In this type of Feng Shui, direction is determined by the location of the main door, not with the help of any compass. No time factor is related with this school.