Magnetotherapy and Healing

It has now been well established by systematic experiments and examinations that all the cells of our body have magnetic properties hence are good conductors of magnetic energy. Our body's magnetism is caused by the chemical reactions that constantly take place in our body. It is, therefore, vital that the magnetic balance of our body is maintained to ensure a good health. The following are some of the reasons that adversely affect this balance:
The Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (A term coined by Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa in 1970s). This condition is said to be caused by the slow weakening of the Earth’s geomagnetic field due to natural reasons. The modern man-made steel structures, vehicles, and electronic gadgets also act as barriers, reducing human exposure to the Earth's magnetic field which further aggravates the problem. Some of the symptoms of the syndrome are Depression; anxiety; stress; perpetual tiredness; insomnia; increased aches and pains and general weakening of the immune system. As can be seen, these symptoms are not exclusive to this syndrome. A number of researches, including the ones conducted by NASA, have, nevertheless, established that if the humans are insulated from the Earth's magnetic field for prolonged periods, it affects them physically and also affects their behaviour.
Sedentary Life Style Our sedentary lifestyle, the irregular eating habits and the junk food that is so popular these days, generate free radicals which lead to deformation of other body cells. This causes life style diseases like diabetes; hypertension; stress etc
Magnet therapy is a simple, low cost, non-invasive and easy to use method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. The researches show that this therapy has no side effects.
The Principle
Human body does not have only chemical reactions (metabolism) to breakdown food into energy and nutrients but also has electro-magnetic interactions. Blood has two kinds of substances. One is called anion while the other is known as cation. Anions are negatively charged while cations are positively charged. . Blood is pumped out by heart and travels through the arteries to various parts of the body to supply oxygen and nutrients. It then picks up the waste material and travels back to the heart, through the veins, where it is purified to be pumped out again. It takes blood 23 seconds to complete one circulation. The distance travelled by blood to complete one circulation is thousands of Kilometres. Thus blood moves at a very high speed through the blood vessels. The high speed of cations and anions generates electricity which, in turn, generates magnetic field. The magnetic waves penetrate the body cells and generate secondary current called ‘Joule Heat’. It is this heat that changes the inter-cellular charge from weak to strong that energizes the cells and the body. If this magnetic field is weakened or disrupted due to poor circulation of blood, the inter-cellular electromagnetic field would not be recharged fully. This would adversely affect the health of the individual. The sluggishness of blood circulation can be due to internal reasons like clogging of blood or blockage of the blood vessels. It can also be caused external reasons e.g. due to some injury.
Magnetic therapy is said to augment the magnetic waves to generate additional joule heat to improve blood circulation. The Joule Heat may penetrate the body and reach the effected body parts to facilitate the circulation of blood which, in turn, relieves the pain. Even though an increasing number of practitioners claim that magnet therapy can cure a wide range of ailments including cancer, it is more commonly used to:
  • Relieve pains and aches
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Accelerate healing process (after injury/surgery)
  • Induce restful sleep
Magnet therapy can be used both independently, as well as together with other therapies.
Effect of Polarity
We all know that a magnet has two poles viz. North and the South poles which have diametrically opposite properties. Even in magnet therapy, each pole is said to have diametrically opposite effect on the body.
When the North Pole of a magnet is touching/ facing the body, it generates joule heat, hence dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood. In case of an injury, its application would increase bleeding and cause redness of the area. As against this, the south pole of a magnet causes contraction, constriction of the blood vessels and slows down the flow of blood; hence it clogs blood and reduces redness of the affected area. The treated part, therefore, appears pale and feels cold. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right pole of a magnet to treat a particular ailment. Some of the examples of the uses of the two poles are given in the following chart:
Uses of the two Poles of a Magnet

The North Pole
The South Pole
Disorders related to poor blood circulation
Alleviates pain due to muscular cramps/spasm pulled muscles etc.
To stimulate Pancreas to secrete more insulin hence cure diabetes
Arrests bleeding from fresh injuries
Improve the activity of an organ or a gland
Alleviates pain in any body part like headache, toothache.
Increase muscular strength
Cures Infectious diseases caused by Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi, Virus etc.
Reduces localized swelling anywhere on the body
Reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety etc.

The Size and Strength of magnets used for magnet therapy.
  • Generally speaking, circular magnets of 10 Cm diameter and a thickness of 1.5 Cm are used for magnet therapy.
  • High power magnets of, at least, 2000 G are used under Hands or Soles.
  • Low Power Magnets of less than 1000 G are used on Abdomen, Spine and joints.
  • Very low power magnets of 5 to 50 G are used in Acupuncture points and in Necklaces.
Duration of exposure to healing magnets
It is said that, exposure to high electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, microwaves, power lines etc for a prolonged period of time also affects humans adversely. It is, therefore, essential to use healing magnets with caution and for short periods of time. The following are the general guidelines:-
  • High power magnets should be used only for 5 to 10 minutes per sitting.
  • Low power magnets should be used for 10 to 15 minutes per sitting.
  • Weaker magnets can safely be used for several hours at a stretch. The actual duration will, of course, depend on the nature and severity of the ailment.
Even though healing magnets are very safe and have no side effects, following points need to be kept in mind:-
  • Patients having implants like pace maker, steel rods, insulin pumps and other artificial metallic or electronic devices, should avoid the exposure to magnets as it may damage the device.
  • Vital organs like Brain, Heart should not be exposed to magnets.
  • Kidneys, Liver and other delicate organs should be exposed to magnets for a very short period, say only one to two minutes.
  • It is advisable to initially have magnet therapy done under the supervision of an expert. One can do it independently after some experience.
It is a well established fact that magnets are safe for human body and no adverse effect or reaction has been reported. However, if any person feels any adverse effect due to exposure to healing magnets, it is advisable to let the sufferer touch zinc metal. The effect will be nullified instantaneously.