What is Magnetotherapy

Some facts


We know that the earth has an imaginary magnet with its poles at the north and the south pole of the earth. This magnetic property of the earth has long been used for navigation. The earth’s magnetic waves also affect our body.  


It is also a fact that all the cell of body have magnetic properties, hence are good conductors of magnetic energy. Our body’s magnetism is caused by the chemical reactions that constantly take place in our body. It is vital that the magnetic balance of our body is maintained to ensure a good health.


It has been scientifically proven that the earth’s magnetic force is weakening due to the slow cooling down of the earth and extensive exploitation of the mineral resources of the earth. This, of course, has adverse affect on us. Not only this, the magnetic balance within our body is also gravely disturbed due to the ever increasing number of electronic gadgets like cell-phones; microwaves etc. Our changing life style and the food habits also add to this problem. The end result of all this is that we are increasingly susceptible to incurable diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc collectively called ‘Life Style Diseases’. The main worry is that these diseases have begun to afflict even the teenagers.


That discipline of healthcare which aims at rejuvenating our us by restoring the magnetic balance in our body, is popularly known as Magnetic Therapy. It is also called pulsed magnetic field therapy (PMF); electromagnetic therapy; bio-magnetic therapy; magneto-therapy and magnet therapy.


Magnets of different sizes, strengths, forms and shapes are used in this therapy.




Magnet therapy was practiced in the ancient civilisations of China, Egypt, Greece and India. It is said that Cleopatra used to wear magnetic jewellery to help preserve her beauty.  Even though the benefits of this therapy are well documented in the writings of the said ancient civilisations, till recently no scientific explanation was available on record.


The adverse affects of the absence of the earth’s magnetic field on the astronauts, who stayed in the space for a prolonged period, made the modern medical fraternity take note of this major phenomenon. The recent works of a large number of researchers have helped in understanding the effect of magnetism on human body. It is now established that a large number of ailments can be treated effectively with the help of Magnet Therapy, without the use of drugs, which may have dangerous side effects.


Even in those cases, where the curative qualities of Magneto therapy have not yet been proved, its efficacy in mitigating the pain and suffering has been acknowledged.


Magnet Therapy is slowly but surely gaining acceptability even with the medical professionals