Meditation and Healing

Many researches have shown that meditation is helpful in curing many physical and psychological ailments. It is highly evident that many psychiatrists, physicians and other experts are gaining expertise in meditation technique in order to implement them for the overall well-being of their patient.
Physical Benefits from Meditation

Prolonging Life Expectancy

MeditationMeditation, especially Transcendental Meditation, helps to reduce our core body temperature. It is also helpful in caloric restriction. Thus, in turn meditation helps to prolong our life expectancy.


Pain Management

Pain may be the result of many little things. From pre-surgery pain to pain due to bad life style, this particular annoyance gives us more anxiety. In order to cope up with the situation, different meditation techniques area adopted.

Stress Control

Meditation for Stress ControlWe get stressed due to several reasons from our day-to-day activity. Controlling Stress has becomes very important, especially in our Urban lifestyle. Transcendental Meditation is known to have beneficial effect on the hormones and biochemical compound enhancing the stress level. And this meditation has long-lasting effect on our life. It also decreases the anxiety level.


Cancer and Other Chronic Illness

In order to cope up with the anxiety related to any serious disease like cancer, deep breathing meditation is highly recommended.

Meditation In this kind of disease, people feel prolonged fatigue and triggering pain in different parts of the body. Many studies have shown effective result in improving the condition of Fibromyalgia with the help of proper meditation technique.



Couples who are unable to give birth to a baby are more prone to anxiety. Thus, deep breathing in meditation helps to cope up with this kind of condition. Studies have shown that those who are practicing meditation for a long they are more relaxed and they have better chances to have babies than those who do not practice meditation

Heart disease
MeditationThe key element of Ornish Therapy is meditation. This is the only therapy which can reverse the bad effect of heart disease. Moreover, deep breathing in meditation helps to reduce anxiety and this is highly beneficial for any heart patient.


Respiratory crises

People feel restriction in breathing while they are going through problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and asthma. But while they practice deep breathing meditation, they can easily get rid of this suffocating condition and their respiratory crises go away.

High blood pressure

MeditationMany studies have proved that Transcendental Meditation is helpful in controlling blood pressure level. This, in turn, lessens the possibility of stroke and heart attack in future.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When anxiety is reduced through meditation, then it is seen in many patients that their problem of IBS has gone miraculously.


MeditationWhile you are at calm and relaxed state of mind, then you are more likely to get a normal sleep. Thus, relaxing meditation removes the problem of insomnia from a person.



Many skin disease including red patches like Psoriasis can be cured with the help of meditation.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
MeditationMeditation gives calming effect on our mind which, in turn, removes many diseases related to stress and muscles tension. During PMS, while you go through problems like fatigue, muscle tension and stress, then meditation is the only way to escape from it.


Tension Headaches

While you practice meditation on regular basis, then you do not face problems like tension and stress. Thus, meditation is helpful in reducing tension related headache.

Drug Addiction

In case of Drug Addiction, studies have shown that Transcendental Meditation is good for handling any kind of stress and pain. This technique helps to improve our psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), which is effective in improving our immune system.


Psychological Benefits from Meditation

Healing Repressed Memories

MeditationWe are always in a state of mind that we are missing out something in our life. This void experience is nothing but the repressed memories from past and anxious expectation from the future. Many studies have shown that with the help of proper meditation techniques one can get rid of the ill memories of the past and anxiousness of the future. This experience gives a person a fulfilling life and one can stay connected with his/her present.

Depression is marked with the symptoms like helplessness, hopelessness and feeling of low self-esteem. But with the help of relaxation technique of meditation, depressed people get back their self-confidence and hope in their lives.

Panic attacks

When prolonged anxiety turns into the feeling of losing something every time, then it is the main characteristic of panic attack. With the help of deep breathing in meditation, people feel better under this circumstance.


Spiritual Benefits from Meditation
MeditationPeople suffering from many serious diseases also need to get attuned with the spiritual aspect of the life. We all want to stay connected with the supreme source of power. We find meditation is the best medium to do so.



Meditation for Women’s Health
During pregnancy and after baby’s birth, meditation gives magical result for women. To cope up with the sudden changes of motherhood, meditation can do wonders. Especially, when you do Japamala meditation, it helps to connect you more with your newly born child. Moreover, to understand your real-self apart from being a mother, daughter or wife, meditation is highly recommended for women.
Warnings and Precautions
MeditationEach technique of meditation has its own proportion of healing ailments. It is always advisable to adopt any kind of meditation technique after consulting with the expert.
Sometimes, it is seen that long period of meditation (in case of contemplative meditation) may give birth to certain episode of psychotic disorder. While patient is suffering from advanced stage of anxiety, then avoiding insight meditation is advisable.

It is always suggested that before consulting any of your friends and family members with the meditation technique, you should practice it on your own.