A mudra can be defined as a gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides the flow of energy and reflexes to the brain.

By practicing some common actions like curling, crossing, stretching and touching of the fingers and the hands, one can communicate with the body and the mind as each area of the hand sends reflexes to a certain part of the mind and the body.

The pressure exerted during each mudra triggers the flow of energy through the “nadis” (psychic channels) up the arms.


We have a collection of 15 mudras that can help you channelize your energies to achieve a stress-free life.




Gyan Mudra


Active Gyan Mudra


Shuni Mudra


Surya or Ravi Mudra


Buddhi Mudra


Venus Lock


Jupiter Mudra


Prayer Mudra


Bear Grip


Buddha Mudra


Khechari Mudra


Sahajoli Mudra


Shambhavi Mudra


Vajroli Mudra


Viprit Karani