Reiki and Healing

Reiki cleanses the body, mind and spirit of the receiver. Reiki, the universal energy can be channelized to address specific ailments or used for general well being. Through the hands of a Reiki practitioner, it becomes channelized to the healee for focussed healing of physical or mental ailments. While some issues might resolve immediately, for certain physical or mental conditions multiple Reiki sessions may be required, before noticable difference can be felt by the patients.
As with every form of alternative healing, it is important to follow the advise of the Reiki Practitioner who is trying to cure the disease or ailment.
Preparation before Reiki Sessions

ReikiBefore Receiving Reiki, it is advisable to follow the steps given below.:

  1. It is important to research and find a renowned Reiki Healer, preferably certified Reiki Master
  2. Be prepared to answer any questions posed that are relevant to the condition being treated by the Reiki Practitioner
  3. Be open and prepared to receive healing energy
  4. It is never advisable to be completely dependent on Reiki, while the recipient is suffering from such illnesses which require immediate medical treatment. Patients should not stop consulting the existence health practitioner and avoid drugs taking for their illness.

  Understanding the recipient before Reiki Session

ReikiBefore going for the whole body Reiki, the Reiki Practitioner will need to understand the physical and mental condition of the recipient:

Time limit of each session depends upon the condition and requirement of the recipient. If the person is going through any medication, then it is advisable to keep the session period shorter.

While practitioner has to deal with elder people, child or any infirm person, then session is generally limited from 15 to 20 minutes.

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to understand the need and overall well being of the recipient before giving Reiki session. 


Removing Accessories

While Reiki being universal energy, can penetrate through all types of material, some Reiki practitioners believe accessories such as Crystals, leather, electronics etc. that we wear or carry on our body may hinder or deflect smooth flow if Reiki. In order to let the energy flow through our body, it is advisable to remove any kind of stone or metal jewelry and leather accessories.

Washing Hand

Reiki Practitioner generally wash hands before giving Reiki session. This is recommended from Hygene perspective and also to wash out any residual energy from previous Reiki sessions performed on other patients.
Secondly, to sense the aura surrounding the body of the recipient, clean hands are necessary. As those hands which have more contact with any object or people in their whole day activity may impart negative effect on sensitive people.


Praying before ReikiIt is always good to utter simple prayer before going to the state of relaxation. Prayers generally relax your body and bring peaceful state of mind.
Making up the Aura
Making up AuraIn order to create contact with the recipient and understand his/her aura, some Reiki practitioners tends to follow certain steps:
          1. Make the recipient lie straight on his/her back on a clean and even place
          2. Places his/her left hand on his/her own sacrum
          3. Places his/her hand 6-9 inches above the body of the recipient
          4. Moves his/her right hand from the head to toe of the recipient on a circular motion
          5. This movement is repeated three to four times to clear the aura of the recepient
          6. Repetition of this process can also be done at the end of the process but this time left hand of the Reiki Practitioner is typically placed on the sacrum of the recipient


Positions of Reiki
Reiki Practioners place their hands at various body parts of the receipient during Reiki sessions. The placement of these hands depend on the divine guidance during the session and many times this may not by directly over the affected body part or ailment. This is mainly because Reiki works at several levels and interacts with several layers of our body and beyond.
The following are a few examples of the hand placements, but the Reiki practitioner can change them based on their feeling and guidance.
Reiki Hand Positions

Head: When both hands are placed in such a way so that thumbs can rest on the nose bridge, palm can cover the eyes, and finger tips can reach the cheeks and upper lip. This kind of placement is used to cure health problems like eye complaints, sinusitis, colds, fatigue, allergies etc.


Reiki Hand Position for Head

Another position of hands can be to place over the ears so that fingertips can extend up to the neck and jaw line. This position can deal with the problems like body balance, ear problems, cold etc.

If hand is placed on the back of the head, it is used to cure problems like asthma, headaches, circulatory problem etc. It can make you relaxed as well.

Abdomen and Chest: There are several positioning of the hand while it is the matter of Abdomen and Chest. But here few main positions will be discussed:

  • Placement of hand on Thymus: Thymus is the bi-lobed gland in the neck. It is one of the integral parts of the immune system. When one hand is placed on the Thymus and another one is below the chest, then this position is helpful to cure problem related to immunity of the body and heart, lymph, and lung.
  • Placement of hand on Navel: While you are looking for escape from indigestion, heartburn and problem related to metabolism, then placing hands on the either side of the naval is very useful.
  • Placement of hand on the Pelvic Area: When hands are placed on the pelvic bone area then it is for the cure of problem related to intestines, appendix, and urinogenital organs. This position is also good for treating allergies, immunity, general ability, sex drive of the person.


Back: When hand is placed on the shoulder blades at mid to upper point, then cure from problem related to lungs, heart, intestine, muscle pain, headaches etc is expected.

If the hands are placed lower back at the midriff area then kidney and adrenal glands related issues can be sorted out.


Reiki with Other Therapies

Reiki with Meditation

Reiki with MeditationWhile we meditate with the aid of Reiki, then it gives more relaxation. In case of group meditation, all people of the group can stand holding each other’s hand and do the meditation. While doing solo meditation with Reiki, then you can take the position of Padmasana (Lotus Position) of the legs while lying or sitting against a chair, couch or wall and hand should be in praying gesture. This could create the whole circuit of energy and it can remove all the blockages of the energy from our body.
Reiki with Aromatherapy
Reiki with AromatherapyThe main ingredient of aromatherapy is essential oil. Essential oils are generally used either directly on our body or few drops in our bath water. In case of Reiki, practitioner can apply essential oil directly on the affected body part or aroma lamps can create the ambience of the room.
Let see the use of different essential oils in Reiki:
Sandalwood Oil
Sandalwood oil is known for its antiseptic effects as well as for relaxation. It helps to promote trust between the practitioner and the recipient in Reiki session.
Lavender Oil
As lavender has calming effect according to Aromatherapy, it is mainly used for those recipients who are more sensitive in nature. In long Reiki sessions, this oil promotes confidence, which is necessary to build the life force energy.

In Reiki therapy, Patchouli is used for treating impurities and allergies of the skin. Since it also has aphrodisiac qualities, thus, it is mainly used for enhancing the sensual qualities of our life.
Clary Sage
Clary sage is applied to open blocked channels in Reiki session. It enhances sensitivity as it has antidepressant, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory effect on us according to the Aromatherapy.
Reiki with Homeopathy
Reiki with HomeopathyIf Reiki is taken while you are already under Homeopathy medication, then it will help to remove strain and toxins from the body. It helps to make body’s sensitivity level much stronger.


Reiki with Prescription Drugs
Reiki with DrugsThough it is not documented and tested anywhere, but it is believed that side effects of many drugs can be lessened with the help of Reiki. Moreover, Reiki makes the patient more susceptible to many drugs.


Reiki with Bached Remedies
Edward Bach used 38 healing plants to balance certain negativity of our life.
Edward Bach
Edward Bach

Few examples are:



Wild Rose


Cherry Plum

Irrationality, Tension, Fear




Jealousy, Hatred

Sweet Chestnut


Reiki enhances the effectiveness of the Bach remedies.
Reiki with Crystals
Reiki with CrystalIn many places, Crystals are also used while practicing Reiki therapy. Crystal structure of the quartz is considered as the six chakras and tip as the seventh chakra. In Reiki, mainly three quartzes are used:
If Amethyst is placed on our third eye during Reiki session, which is center of our forehead, then one can have clear vision of our life. Amethyst helps to reduce fear and stress.
Rock Crystal:
While doing Reiki meditation, holding this crystal between two palms are said to send the energy through out our body via reflex zone. It helps in wound healing and relaxation.
Rose Crystal:
This pink colored Crystal is said to treat any kind of emotional problem.