Types of Reiki

There are different types of Reiki depending upon the requirements of the healing and other aspects of the life.

Though the basic Reiki was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui, but with the passing time, Reiki has taken different shapes. According to the different school of thought, Reiki is divided into several types:

Usui Reiki

Usui ReikiIt is already known that Dr. Mikao Usui was the founder of this therapy that is now practiced all over the world. But it is found that a Japanese woman, Hawayo Takata, is responsible for spreading the knowledge of Reiki to the west.

Usui system of natural healing or Usui Reiki Ryoho is the method of giving gentle touch of 'universal life energy' for healing. Once a person is treated with Usui Reiki, he/she is expected to get healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Since ages, teaching of Usui Reiki has been spread through the sharing of information and verbal teaching. Actually, this Reiki healing cannot be learnt from any written material. It is very easy to learn and can be used for self-treatment.

In this Reiki, practitioner places his/her hands on the body of the recipient and the energy

starts flowing through his/her hands. This energy can be felt with the sensation of heat or cold, vibration, heaviness, tingling sensation.

Sometimes recipient can feel nothing at all. The entire process takes around 60-90 minutes.

Tibetan Reiki

Tibetan ReikiIt is very powerful method of attunement. Tibetan Reiki is perhaps a misleading term as it incorporates almost all the techniques of Usui Reiki and ancient techniques of energy healing through teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and others.

The main purpose of the Tibetan Reiki is to tap energy. This Reiki is done to restore energy on the particular part of our body where the energy is highly needed. This Reiki is famous as an alternative health tool, which enhances vitality, longevity, and over all well-being.
Few versions of Tibetan Reiki are found to be more powerful than other Reiki methods. More you practice this, more you get the results. But before practicing it, one should learn all the aspects of this Reiki in a proper and positive way. Otherwise, it will not provide the desired result. Tibetan Reiki has 16 specific symbols. It takes 30 minutes for the attunement.

Ancient Egyptian Reiki

Ancient Egyptian ReikiAncient Egyptian Reiki is used to heal people with its vibrations of energy all over the world. Egyptian Reiki is different from the traditional forms of remedial therapies because you may experience the results immediately after the first session, which is not the case with other methods. While Traditional Reiki drags energy from a higher power, but Ancient Egyptian Reiki controls this energy and then turns it into strong vibrations. These vibrations become effective healing energy.
Egyptian Reiki exercises the powers of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit to heal, open chakras and spiritually balance the patient. It can also involve angelic energies. Use of crystals is also seen in this Reiki.
Despite being very much like the Japanese Reiki, this technique helps in dealing with spiritual problems more effectively. Moreover, it also helps to drain our negative energy.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic ReikiIt is already known that Angels live outside the diverse dimensions and handle the different working of the Universe. Angelic Reiki is a combination of Reiki with guidance and healing powers of Angels.

Angelic Reiki was guided by Kevin core in the year 2003. Since then, this Reiki form is used to relax our mind and soul. Angelic Reiki also can be done for self-healing and distance-healing.
Throughout the Angelic Reiki process, the practitioner serves the purpose of the link and energy of the Angelic kingdom is channeled into the recipient through the practitioner.

It is believed that the attunements are done by the angels themselves in this Reiki. All the symbols and other things are incorporated into the body of the recipient at the time of attunement.

With the help of this Reiki, recipient gets relief from all the emotional, physical and mental negativity through Angelic vibration. It is said that also practitioner gets the Angelic energy.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki SymbolsThis type of Reiki is used to heal addictions. William Rand developed this type of Reiki while it is originated from Kathleen Milner's system, Tera-Mai. William Rand practiced Reiki on Tera-Mai. During this time, all the energy of the entire system shifted to the heart. Thus, it is called ‘Karuna’ Reiki. In Sanskrit, Karuna means ‘Compassionate Action’.

All human beings are connected to each other. As per Karuna Reiki, when we extend energy to others for healing that heals us as well. When you will develop ‘Karuna’ in yourself, you will become more receptive towards healing energy.
Karuna Reiki comprises of 2 separate attunements, 4 master symbols, and 8 treatment symbols.
First treatment symbol makes the recipient ready for deep healing. Then it also deals with the past issues by releasing the Karma and related issues at the cellular level. At the second symbol, practitioner starts with the deep healing with the removal of negativity. This stage helps to face the truth and accepts the situation. At the third symbol, practitioner restores unconditional love in the recipient. The last symbol is for bringing back the recipient into the body. It is found that second set of four symbols are of higher vibration than the first four.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini ReikiKundalini Reiki is known to be one of the simplest and the most effective forms of Reiki. Many recipients cannot distinguish between the techniques used in Traditional Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. Like any other form of Reiki,  one needs to get attuned or receive attunement or recieve energy from higher power from the master of Kundalini Reiki .This energy is known as "Kundalini Energy" or "Kundalini Fire".

The main difference in Kundalini Reiki is that during the healing process the energy is totally focused on Root chakra. Whereas, in Traditional Reiki form, energy flows in the affected part of the body. But in Kundalini Reiki, firstly energy is channelized through Root Chakra and then it starts on its own to clean other Chakras.

After Kundalini healing, people have reported that they feel livelier and happier than before. In this Reiki, people get attuned to the spirit of earth. Recipient requires more than one treatment, as energy exits from the Crown chakra. Thus, in this Reiki, energy enters to the root chakra and exits from the crown chakra through the body. Thus, it is beneficial for opening all chakras.

Crystal Reiki

Crystal ReikiIn this therapy, different crystals are used, in conjunction with the healing energy of Reiki. It helps to remove the blockage of the energy flow in our body.

Since ages, crystals are used for therapeutic treatments and in alternative healing like Reiki. Each crystal has its own property for healing our physical, emotional and mental ailment.
In Reiki healing, crystals are placed around or sometimes on the body of the recipient. It is found that three crystals namely Rose quartz, Amethyst, and Rock Crystal are very effective in Reiki healing.

Dragon Reiki

Dragon ReikiDragon Reiki was developed in China many years ago and since then it is one of the most popular forms of spiritual healing all over the world. In China, Dragon is the Symbol of Power.

In this Reiki, it is believed that healing comes from within, whether it is physical or emotional. According to this Reiki, people should be spiritually balanced and centered. In Dragon Reiki, it is believed that once the spirit is balanced and harmonized after then one can start healing on the physical level. If person's body is spiritually imbalanced; then his/her body would not get result of healing.
Before going for Dragon Reiki session, the recipient's mind and soul should be free from any clutter so that energy of higher power can easily be received by the spirits. One should consider quintessence of the dragon before going for the session. During this treatment, one picture of dragon is kept so that energy can be directed properly.

Gendai Reiki

Hiroshi Doi of Gendai ReikiMr. Hiroshi Doi is the founder of this modern Reiki. Dr. Hiroshi brought a very strong Buddhist perspective to the original teachings of the Reiki. The meaning of Gendai is modern. Thus, this Reiki is the combination of Traditional and Modern Reiki.

Four levels are found in Gendai Reiki:

  • Shoden
  • Okuden
  • Shinipiden
  • Gokuikaiden
They are further divided into levels 1 and 2 and master levels 1 and 2. In every level, students will receive attunement. These attunements are focused on spiritual and physical healing.

Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow ReikiIn Rainbow Reiki, various old and new methods are found in the same place. The Usui system and other things like mantras, four symbols, conventional initiation rituals, and basic techniques of Reiki energy work establish the foundation of Rainbow Reiki.

Rainbow Reiki is believed to be established by Walter Lubeck, somewhere around the late 1980s and early 90s. It is found that during the transmission of Hawayo Takata about the traditional Reiki, it also prepared the base for Rainbow Reiki.
This is immensely important technique for the practitioner. It needs continuous learning and practice. Two most important parts of Rainbow Reiki are diet and body therapies. Its multidimensional nature has overall effectiveness in our life.

Imara Reiki

Imara ReikiAnother name of LaHoChi healing is Imara Reiki. This type of Reiki uses energy to work on the past. It also helps in healing long distances. Meaning of Imara is” More”. Thus, Imara Reiki involves higher frequency healing energy than Traditional Reiki. To get the benefit of Imara Reiki, it is necessary for you to get attuned with Traditional Usui Reiki.

To get attuned to 5 levels of Imara Reiki, mastery in 1, 2 and 3 levels of Usui Reiki is necessary.
This Reiki is not dependent on any symbol. Passing attunement is easier but different in Imara Reiki. It provides simple and distance healing process.
This Reiki is used to deal with repressed or past issues. It is helpful to solve problems suppressed in our sub-conscious mind. This method often gets the connection with spirit world.

Tummo Reiki

Tummo ReikiTummo Reiki is famous as the oldest tradition of Tibet. Basically, it is the blend of the Earth core energies, i.e. Kundalini (a hidden natural power in every person) and Reiki. In Tibet, Tummo means Kundalini, which denotes inner fire.

Tummo Reiki combines powerful energies of Reiki and Kundalini, which helps to cleanse and open the Chakra. With the help of this Reiki, you will be able to use your heart more than before in your everyday life.
Most of the Tibetan traditions are into healing; while Tummo Reiki is meant for both spiritual awakening and healing. From Tummo Reiki, you can get benefit of stress reduction, better lifestyle, enhanced awareness, illness prevention, and emotional and mental well-being.

Hypno Reiki

Hypno ReikiHypno Reiki is used in combination of two effective therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki. While Reiki is meant for holistic healing through universal life force energy; on the other hand Hypnosis is meant for controlling mind and body.

This is very powerful technique of Reiki and can only be practiced by a second degree or advanced Reiki practitioner. This process is used by channeling the Reiki power and using the power of Hypnosis.
It can heal problems related to any sphere like health, wealth, education and spiritualism. As we know that Hypnosis is highly effective in dealing with problem related to different psychological situations and Reiki uses life force energy for spiritual practice. Thus, blend of these two have great effect on our lifestyle.

Sacred Flames Reiki

Sacred Flame ReikiSacred Flames Reiki (SFR) was the compilation of Allison Dahlhaus, which works as the means of spiritual healing. This healing system works by taking fire as a healing power in the metaphysical sense.
We all know that fire is the element which gives us light, nourishment and protection. In this Reiki, Fire enables us to get the spiritual enlightment within us. At the same time, nourishment, we mean here, is that when we cook meal with the help of fire. This meal makes our body nourished and satisfies our hunger. Whereas, here fire symbolically satisfies our spiritual hunger and makes us nourished with the spiritual growth. If we talk about the protection, then Fire safeguards us from all kinds of negativity.

Violet Flame Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki This Reiki is done with the pure and egoless heart. This Reiki has a warm and compassionate touch. It can be practiced in long-distance method also. It provides healing to the spirit and body.

It is highly advisable that it should be given to them who have attended at least Usui Reiki Level II or above, because of its large number of Symbols.
There are four levels in this Reiki technique but attunement will be done only one time. The main purpose of this Reiki is to reintroduce us with our own personal power with the help of loving energy of St. Germaine and Kuan Yin. This Reiki technique removes all our ego and impurity from our heart.

Fire Serpent Reiki

Fire Serpent ReikiAs we know that almost all Reiki techniques use some symbols for healing. This Reiki is done with the spiritual symbol of Fire Serpent for holistic healing. This symbol is found to be the most effective and powerful symbol of the Reiki. As it opens all the Chakras at one session. But it is advisable for the practitioner that if he/she finds that recipient is not ready for opening all Chakra in one session or higher power is not allowing the Reiki master to do so, then use different symbol instead of Fire Serpent symbol. Though Reiki has no harmful effect on us, but while using this symbol master should be assured that he/she is opening all Chakras in a single session.
Fire serpent symbol is used for many reasons. But the main purpose of this Reiki is healing and spiritual attunement. During healing session, it opens all the Chakras, clears them and aligns them properly in a single session.

Celtic Reiki

Celtic ReikiIt is done in combination of the life force energy and the energy of trees and plants.

This Reiki is the New Age version of traditional Reiki. This Reiki form is developed by Martyn Pentecost and others. As it is believed that it involves the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Celts and their priests, the Druids.
Practitioners of Celtic Reiki use the combination of energies of different vibrations and make any healing session more fruitful. According to the Celtic Reiki, there are three kinds of energies. First energy comes from the earth. Second one is called manifestation energies. And third one is known as master energies. All these energies are very important. And different energy combination is used for different purpose.
Different symbols are used in Celtic Reiki. Most of them are Mandalas and others are the ancient alphabet of the Druids. This Reiki session usually takes an hour.

Pyramid Reiki

Pyramid ReikiIt provides powerful healing vibration, which is nothing but the blend of power of the Pyramids, and the life-force of Reiki. This Reiki attunement can be used for different purpose of healing. Student needs to be Usui Reiki Master before going for Pyramid Reiki. Then only he/she can understand the microcosmic and macrocosmic relationship and flow of energy.
This is very powerful Reiki attunement. It has the power to increase the healing to the higher level. It is generally used for psychic development and protection.

Money Reiki New Reality

Money ReikiIt is one of the most modern forms of Reiki developed during the financial collapse of 2008. Due to the ongoing economic slump, it became mandatory to introduce one Reiki method to improve the global economic situation. In this way, money Reiki came into the picture.

Money Reiki is not meant for warding off your money problem totally, but it will help you take the challenges in a better way. It works on three levels:
Personal: It helps to create environment of prosperity around you and solves all personal issues related to money.

Group: It helps to solve money problem in a collective manner like your family, friends, and colleagues’ economic issues.

Global: It deals with global capitalism

Abundance Prosperity Reiki

Abundance Properity ReikiThis kind of Reiki helps to achieve any kind of money related goal. This is co-founded by .Bro David Paul and Dolores. This is a distance attunement.
This Reiki has a belief that we live in the abundant universe. It is just that we need to trap energy of prosperity. Five steps are there to do this Reiki. This Reiki connects us with the Hindu God and Goddess of prosperity, Ganeshji and Lakshmiji.