What is Reiki

What is Reiki
Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing. It is also used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki consists of two Japanese words Rei meaning ‘higher power or God’s wisdom’ and the meaning of ki is ‘vital life force energy’. This word represents universal life energy, meaning the energy around us. Its popularity is increasing day-by-day. In Reiki, the practitioner passes the energy to the patient to increase patient body’s natural ability and energy. If the life energy in our body is not adequate then we tend to feel sick. If this energy is high then we will be happy and healthy.
Reiki not only treats ailments but also treats person’s whole body that includes emotion, spirit and mind. It creates positive effects on the person that includes body relaxation, peace of mind, and over all wellness. Many people have reported a miraculous positive effect on their body and soul after taking Reiki sessions. Everyone can use this method of healing as it is safe, simple and natural way of self-improvement and spiritual healing.
ReikiThe method of learning Reiki is different from others. It is very simple for a student to learn Reiki. It is transferred to the student from a master during Reiki class. The ability of Channelizing Reiki is passed during ‘attunement’ by the master of Reiki. It allows a Reiki student to tap into a great supply of ‘life force energy’ that he/she can use to improve other’s health and their quality of life.




Levels of Reiki
Reiki is taught in three different levels.

Reiki hand position

Reiki level 1

The first level or first teaching is known as Shoden. In the first attunement, the student first experiences the energy of Reiki directly. After this, student is given some written material to read. So that he/she can understand the theory of it. During these sessions, the student gets attunements. The most important is that student is given charge of their own life and he/she finds the real inner peace.

Reiki level 2 

The second level is known as ‘creativity level’ or the ‘mind level’, Okuden. The meaning is inner teachings. In this level, the student is made to learn how to meditate on the symbols of Reiki. It is also taught how to put energies in it, which is required for transformation and attunement. In this level, the art of healing from distance is taught.

Reiki level 3

The third level of the Reiki is known as Shinpedin (mystery teaching). Scanning techniques and higher meditation teachings are given in third level. This level is generally known as the master level. In this level, initiation of the master symbol takes place. Third level takes student to the higher level of consciousness. It brings balance of relaxation and concentration.

Chakras and Auras for Reiki

There are seven main chakras that are located from the spine (base) to the head in the ethereal body. Aura is a multilayered energy fields that can be generated by the chakra energy center. These chakras are correlated to the different organs in the body. Chakras have relation with our spiritual and emotional well-being. We can influence these chakras with the help of healing method of Reiki. Reiki can be said as a technique, which opens and cleans the blockage of the chakras. This helps in restoring the flow of life force energy. Each of these auras is connected to the seven chakra energy center.



Base Chakra

Etheric Aura

Sacral Chakra

Emotional Aura

Heart Chakra

Mental Aura

Throat chakra

Etheric Template Aura

Brow Chakra

Celestial Aura

Crown chakra

Ketheric Aura


Reiki Symbols
Reiki symbols have no use to people if it is not attuned to energy. A Reiki master would explain how to use and charge the symbols to achieve specific results.
Basic outline of Reiki Symbols is as below:

Cho Ku Rei is The Power Symbol

Cho = Connect the
Ku = Power, Energy with
Rei = The Soul, The Universe, The Unity
Reiki Power Symbol
Reiki Power Symbol

In a single it is explained as ‘Let all the power of the Universe be here’ or ‘God is here’.

Sei He Ki is The Emotional Symbol

Sei = I point
He = the Bow, Arrow to
Ki = Life-force, Light, Awareness
Reiki Emotional Symbol
Reiki Emotional Symbol

Alternatively, it means ‘Remember Your Self’ and ‘God and humanity becoming one’.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is The Distance and Mental Symbol

Hon = Spirit, Source, Origin, Universe
Sha = Mind, Surviving
Ze = Space, Be, Being
Sho = Feeling, Emotions
Nen = Consciousness, Body, Attention
Reiki Distance Symbol
Reiki Distance Symbol
In words, it means ‘The Divine in me greets and honors the Divine in you’