New Volunteer Information

Volunteers are Spiritual healers, who would like to offer their services for greater good of the beings of our planet, without expecting anything in return. As volunteers of the Spiritual Healing Network (SHN), you will be treated with at most respect and we strive to enable a smooth flow of healing from you to the patients.

Filling in and sending this form demonstrates your acceptance of the rules of the Spiritual Healing Network (SHN) and your willingness to abide by them.

Completed forms are processed on a weekly basis so we ask for your patience. The SHN Coordinator will inform you when your email address has been added to the SHN notices and our Mailing List. We try to keep SHN as friendly and personal as possible and welcome any suggestions that you might have to improve our services.

If you have any concerns about the use to which your personal information, please read our privacy policy. None of the information requested is obligatory, with the exception of a name and a valid email address, without which we cannot contact you and the Network fails.

For healing requests please use the form provided at (

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Do You Have a Personal Web Site? We shall be happy to provide a link to your site from the Roster Pages of our website and can include you in our Reciprocal Links Pages if you so wish.
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